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Franchise Opportunity with Home & Dry Cleaning Services

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What makes the Home & Dry franchise better than the rest?

What sets Home & Dry apart from the numerous other cleaning franchises is . . .  we care. Unlike other companies, we don’t just take your money and leave you to it. Julia’s first priority was to care for her family but now everyone who has a Home and Dry Franchise is part of the family. We have a dedicated team who you can call at any time if you are not sure what to do. We’ll talk to you on the phone, by text or face to face over a coffee – we listen and guide you. We are not looking to rush and sell all of our Franchise Opportunities in one go- we have taken our time with franchising and are looking t build the company slowly but surely, ensuring all our franchisees and their businesses get the attention they deserve. We are looking for people who are passionate and determined to succeed- not just those with a check book.

How can Home & Dry help me?

Our franchise opportunities at Home & Dry cleaning services are great for those looking to work for themselves and be in charge of their own earning potential. With statistics showing that 90% of small businesses fail in the first three years and research indicating that many people would like to start their own business but don’t know how, it’s best to buy a franchise with added advantages.

At Home & Dry we have experienced all the start-up problems so you don’t have to! What you get is a proven, easy-to-follow system which is easy to run. The clients pay you in advance so you don’t have any cash flow problems. You can work at home or from an office, from a shed or a spare room. You can work while your children are at school and still be around for pickup. You can work the business around you. And the Home & Dry team are always on hand to help. We are extremely passionate about our business and want you to fall in love with Home & Dry the way we have. Now, we may not be everyone’s cup of tea as Franchisers, so it’s very important to us that you want to be part of the Home & Dry family. We want our enthusiasm to inspire you and for Home & Dry to help change your life for the better.

I want a cleaning company that will grow and grow

You can build a successful domestic cleaning company with the Home & Dry franchise or you can grow your Home & Dry franchise as big as you want. The earning potential is huge: as well as domestic cleaning opportunities, we can help you expand your business to include commercial cleaning, Spring cleans, oven cleaning, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry and ironing, shopping, cooking, transport, companionship, gardening, maintenance, electrical and light plumbing work. We have the experience and the knowledge and we are happy to pass it all on to you. “We’ve been through it so you don’t have to”.

Find out for yourself why Home & Dry is so special: for more information on the franchise opportunities available to you through Home & Dry then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Steph and Julia would be more than happy to sit down over a cup of tea and tell you about how it all started. Call now on 01243 543877 and ask for Steph or email