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environmentally friendly dry cleaning

Because we care about the environment


At Home & Dry laundry, we pride ourselves in our high levels of customer service and creating the best experience for you and your clothes. This is why we have worked so hard to develop our “green” laundry- a safe and eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. Your clothes will leave feeling fresh, soft and smelling fabulous! Or call 01243 544481 for an instant quote

Domestic Laundry
Your local laundry service - here for you when you need us

Domestic washing is our favourite service and we are known for our quality and reliable dry cleaning services in the local area. We understand that laundry is a job dreaded by many of our clients and are only to happy to wash, dry and iron your laundry troubles away! Home and Dry is a family business, run by a family for families. We understand that time is precious and that sometimes life is just too short to spend cleaning the house or ironing next weeks shirts! You’ll be surprised by how affordable it is and don’t forget to ask about our same day service if you are in a rush to get your clothes back. We offer free collection and delivery to local addresses.

Commercial Laundry
Professional laundry services to suit your business

We care about your business as if it were our own. Home and Dry have been providing professional laundry and dry cleaning services to local businesses for many years, covering various sectors such as catering, events and corporate venues. We consider the environment in everything we do and are pleased to offer eco-friendly cleaning services and 'wet cleaning' - an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning. This service can be used on any garments marked with a 'dry clean only' label.

Linen Hire
Quality linen hire that surpasses expectations

We can source and supply high quality linen at competitive prices, and arrange collection and delivery times to suit your requirements. We are proud to stock Mitre linens - a luxury linen company that shares the same quality values as we do. Quotes are given on a bespoke basis so contact us today with your requirements and a member of our laundry team will be very happy to help!

Eco Friendly Laundry Services We care about the environment

As well as our popular dry cleaning services, we've recently launches our eco-friendly version of dry cleaning to help our clients be kinder to the environment. Our 'Wet Cleaning' services leave garments feeling fresh and clean, just like standard cleaning but without all the chemicals. We can 'wet clean' anything with a 'dry clean only' label and prices are very competitive

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

Wet Cleaning is the safe and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning. Protecting our environment is most important in every decision we make.


• Use of biodegradable detergents
• Free of dry cleaning chemicals and solvents
• Perfect for sensitive skin
• Excellent cleaning results
• Clothes last longer
• Gentle processing of delicate fabrics
• Environmentally friendly processes

What Miele says:

“When it comes to professional fabric care services wet cleaning is actually better for your clothing, your skin, and the environment”


Materials include:
• Natural fibres such as angora, cotton cashmere, line, silk, new wool
• Artificial fibres such as viscose and acetate
• Synthetic fibres such as acrylic, polyester, Sympatex, GoreTex (need R symbol next to them)
• Leather
• Highly sensitive fibres


How long it takes for your laundry to be ready?

We work on a 3-day turn around policy, meaning we Wet Clean your clothes as quickly as possible. We love to help you and we never compromise quality but if you do need a same day or 24-hour service then please let us know.


Collection & Delivery.

We can collect and deliver your laundry back to you. Collection is on Monday’s between 10am-2pm and we will deliver to you on Thursday’s between 10am-2pm also.


What garments you can have Wet Cleaned:

Many of the garments that you currently dryclean including:

UGG boots, Leather coats, Leather bags, Persian rugs, Delicate fabrics, Lace fabrics, Silk garments, Suits and Shirts

Our Services

Wet Cleaning

Our eco-friendly variation on dry cleaning has proven to be very popular within the local community. Customers are quick to report how soft, clean and fresh their dry clean only items

are and how amazing the results are. Colours seem more vibrant and stains that cannot be removed through dry cleaning disappear fast.

It’s the safe, conscientious yet hard-working cleaning we’ve been waiting for. Please don’t be afraid of the dry clean only label as we can clean ANYTHING that claims to be dry clean only.

Items we can clean include:
• Wedding dresses
• Veils
• Suede
• Leather
• Ugg boots
• Wool

Duvet Washing

Our larger than life machine means we can breathe new life in to your super king duvets. Whatever the size and whatever the filling, we will hygienically and thoroughly wash your duvets

ready for the new season. Our duvet washing is very competitively priced and will actually rival the cost of going to do it yourself at a launderette.

Horse Blanket Washing

For our equestrian customers, we can wash and dry your horse blanket in no time at all. We understand that a horse rug can be an expensive piece of kit so now that regular annual wash will

prolong its life for a good few more years. We use a safe and effective cleaning solution that will keep your horse blanket fresh and protected. On that note, we can clean all types of animal blankets and bedding.

B&B and Hotel Laundry

Chichester and the surrounding towns boast some of the most beautiful and luxury B&Bs and Hotels. We pride ourselves in offering a cost-effective and efficient service for your

business as we understand what a huge role we play in your guests experience. We want your laundry to be fresh, bright and clean so your guest's always have a wonderful night’s sleep. Whatever the size of your establishment, talk to one of our friendly laundry team today and see how Home and Dry can help your business. Please note that at peak summer times, we will get your laundry back to you as soon as we can as we understand how tight your turnarounds can be. During Goodwood, there may be an extra charge for a 24 hour service due to high demand.

Linen Hire

For our hotels and restaurants, linen hire seems to be the way forward! This means we are able to get you fresh and clean napkins and tablecloths daily or weekly depending on your needs.

The quality of our linen is second to none and washes really well! By renting the linen, if it gets overly stained or damaged, we will replace it for you at no extra cost.

Tablecloth and Napkin Washing

Our restaurant customers vary from local curry houses, fine dining restaurants, bistros and cafes. We create a service to suit you that won’t break your bank. We love

helping businesses in the community by making lives easier, by removing the hassle and giving you the time to organise the more important things for your business.

Suede and Leather Cleaning

Our amazing wet cleaning solution can breathe new life into your leather and suede items. Customers have been absolutely thrilled with the results. Your item can be

back with you within 48-72 hours so not more lengthy delays, where your item is being sent away for cleaning. We clean everything ON SITE. We can even clean and restore leather handbags, ugg boots and leather jackets.

Domestic Laundry

Domestic washing is our favourite service. We love seeing your face when we’ve washed, dried and ironed your laundry troubles away. Home and Dry is a family

business and built on what families need. We know that the washing and ironing can pile up, so let us help you by removing the stress. You’ll be surprised by how affordable it is! Don’t forget to ask about our same day service if you are in a rush to get your clothes back.


Our ironing team is the best in West Sussex- if we do say so ourselves! Good, old fashioned steam irons meet with an exciting new kind of ironing table that

suctions your clothes to the board to create impressive creases and a perfectly smooth finish. We can iron anything from shirts and bedding to school uniforms to tablecloths and napkins. A lot of our customers choose our iron only option, which is great if you are looking to claw some time back in the evenings or at the weekend.

Just drying!

Raining outside? Tumble dryer broken? Never mind! We offer a same day dry only service for all of our customers. We do not charge this by weight as we

understand the physics here so drop in with a bin liner of your clothes and we’ll dry it as cost-effectively as possible for you!

Repairs and Alterations

We can repair or alter your garments on site, as our very talented Daniela can measure and tuck whilst you are here to make sure we achieve the desired result.

We can offer an emergency repair or alteration service that can be same day or 24 hours so please ask!

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Our wedding dress cleaning service is perfect for after your big day. Our safe and gentle, honey-comb shaped washer/dryer will ensure your delicate dress

is well cared for without the use of harsh chemicals. No matter how many beads, sequins or frills, we can clean your dress to perfection. Storage boxes available on request.

Our clients

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