Q&A with Julia Willkins – Owner, Manager and Laundry Guru

For this week’s blog, we thought it might be fun to get inside the head of our lovely boss and all round laundry Guru- Julia.

Hi Julia!


How long has Home and Dry been running?

I started Home and Dry in 2002- s0 we are now in our 16th year! It’s been a roller-coaster, but also incredibly rewarding. We’ve had the permanent laundry coming up for 4 years but I can still remember what it was like starting the laundry service from my garage! 

What’s your favourite thing about coming to work?

The staff. They really make it. We are very close and tight-knit unit with strong family values. Sasha, who works in accounts has now been here 15 years. It’s lovely to be part of a team that makes showing up to work every day wonderful and rewarding. 

What’s your favourite service that Home and Dry offers?

Ooh, that’s tricky. We try to provide a wide range of services to suit the needs of a variety of people but I think I get the biggest thrill when we alter wedding dresses- it’s a special moment when the Bride tries it on. I love cleaning wedding dresses too! It’s surprising how dirty they get on the wedding day and you can really see the difference after cleaning. We also provide a lovely box that the Bride can choose the pattern of. It’s an all round lovely service to be able to offer. 

What would be your top tip for readers to keep their whites sparkling?

Use white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda! Sounds ridiculous but soaking your whites in warm water with a cup of white vinegar or 3 tablespoons on bicarb really makes a difference! Sometimes, if I don’t have time to soak, I will pour a cup of vinegar in to the washing machine dispenser drawer before running the cycle. 

What’s your favourite bit of laundry equipment? 

Hmm! Tough question! I really like our roller (although it can be very temperamental!) Bozena, who works in our laundry, is brilliant with the roller. I also like the labelling machine- it’s really loud and really fun to use! 

Thank you, Julia!


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