We are fully open and operating as normal with some extra safety measures put in place to protect you and our staff.

I want to share with you what we are doing to help maintain a healthy and safe environment for our team and your items. We are taking a preventative approach to minimize risk to all who we serve. We are following recommendations from the CDC and hold daily meetings with our teams to ensure everyone has the current information. In addition to these practices we are:

  • Increasing the amount of times we sanitize high-touch surfaces throughout our facility and fleet. 
  • Monitoring our water heaters and dryers to make sure they are functioning properly and to the appropriate temperatures. 
  • Increasing sanitization and glove use protocols for our team. 
  • Directing team members to stay home if they are feeling sick and/or if they are caring for someone with illness. 

We know that you depend on us. We are a locally-owned small business in Chichester and thank you very much for your continued business through this unprecedented time. Please contact us with any questions. 

Julia Willkins 
Owner – Home & Dry Chichester