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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Really Worth the Cost?

Now that spring has sprung and sunshine is flooding into our homes and workplaces, it feels like time to give them just a little more sparkle. Out goes the clutter, in comes the duster – and with a little elbow grease, everything is looking lot more ship-shape.

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The secret to looking sharp the whole week


When it comes to personal appearance there’s nothing quite like putting on a freshly laundered shirt and and an immaculately clean and pressed suit.

So to help you look your best the whole working week, we have come up with an amazing offer. 1 suit and 5 shirts beautifully cleaned and pressed, using our amazing Miele Eco WetCare System for just £15!

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Clothing on Washing Line | Home & Dry

How often should I wash my clothes?

Laundry is part of most people’s weekly routines, even if it is not a job all of us enjoy doing. Staying on top of your laundry and keeping your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean is not only important to keep you feeling good and confident, but it is also important to get rid of the germs that could be living on your favourite garments.

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