Autumn Cleaning Checklist

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Goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn weather. The leaves are falling, and the air is feeling a little crisper, which means it is time for that Autumn deep clean! Get your home clean and ready with our Autumn cleaning checklist!

Dust away those Cobwebs

Long feather dusters at the ready, as our eight-legged friends flee the cold outdoor temperatures into our homes.  Take time to dust in the hidden corners, from ceiling to skirtings and around light fittings, so you can take on spider season duster first.

Upholstery Cleaning

As the heating comes on and the windows shut, the warm environment can become a hotbed for dust, mould and bacteria which can leave you feeling unwell if left. Changing and cleaning bedding regularly is always advised, washing on high temperature to kill bacteria. Mattress cleaning is also important and often forgotten, hoovering and steaming can get the job done effectively.

If you have blinds, it is important to give them a wipe down removing all dust; this is extremely important for those with allergies. Your curtains can also harbour dust, so it is important to clean them thoroughly, vacuuming should get the job done!

Carpet Cleaning

It is time to give your carpets a refresh. We all know the importance of regular hoovering, however, to get your carpets fresh and clean a shampoo session is a must! If you are looking for a professional deep carpet clean Home & Dry offer a Carpet Cleaning service, removing stubborn dirt and grime, that can transform your carpets smell, appearance and cleanliness.

Clean your Appliances

Fridge and Freezer

As the cold weather approaches and with the Christmas season just around the corner, our fridges and freezers will be packed with food glorious food. Late night snacks, to left overs, our fridge and freezer are some of the most used appliances in the household, but so many of us forget to give them the cleaning TLC they need. Start by turning off your appliances and empty of all their contents, including fridge draws and shelving to achieve an effective deep clean.

Washing Machine

How often do you clean your clothes? Now think about how often you clean your washing machine! Your clothes could be looking clean and smelling fresh, but your washing machine could be harbouring dirt and mould!

Oven Cleaning

Don’t let food residue linger in your oven, it makes it easier for bugs and germs to make their way onto your dinner plates and into your body. Oven cleaning is often a dreaded job amongst many, and we can understand why! It can be a messy and time-consuming job, that’s why Home & Dry offer an Oven Cleaning Service that can revive your oven and get it spotlessly clean, ready for the up and coming festive season!

At Home & Dry we believe that a clean home is a happy home! Enjoy the space you live in with the help of our professional, hassle-free cleaning service that offers high quality results that you can not only see but  benefit from.  If you need an Autumn spring clean done right, contact us today!

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