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Tailored to Perfection

When shopping on the High Street or online it can be hard for many of us to find clothing items that fit our bodies perfectly. Our bodies are not all mass-produced like the clothing we see in stores. We all have different body shapes which should be celebrated, however, are often not catered for by manufactures producing clothing for retail chains. This can often make choosing clothing off the rails at our favourite fashion outlets very difficult and can leave people feeling discouraged and wearing ill fitted clothing. You can get your clothes fitting right and flattering your figure with our tailoring service!

Star Style 

We can all be inspired by famous faces and their style. Whether it’s seeing someone online, in magazines or walking the red carpets, their amazing attire always fits and looks amazing! What do most of these outfits have in common? Good tailoring! It is the style secret used by many famous fashionistas and style icons, from Oscar worthy suits and gowns to party dresses and casual shirt and jeans, it’s the trick stars use to show off their best assets and to stand out from the crowd.  

Get the Best Fit 

If you struggle to get clothing to fit right, then tailoring is the perfect style solution for you. We all have clothing that we purchase and never wear, often it is because we don’t like the way it fits. Not only are we all guilty of buying items that we promise ourselves we will eventually fit into, it could be as simple as buying trousers that are too long and drag along the floor that puts us off wearing that once loved item that we spent our hard-earned money on. Our tailoring and alteration service can give your existing wardrobe new life, getting your clothes to fit your body correctly which will make you look great and feel amazing. 

Look after your Garments 

Getting clothes to fit well is important when it comes to clothing quality and making them last. No matter how expensive your clothing items are, if they are too big or too tight there is a good chance that you will not get the wear out of them you want. Our seamstress Daniella will measure, tuck and pin the garment while you are at the Home & Dry HQ making sure to get the best fit possible. We can also alter wedding dresses and suits, so you can look your best on your big day or at an important event where you want to stand out and be noticed. It’s a fact, when you look great, you feel confident, so we make sure you leave feeling phenomenal.  

Don’t let ill-fitting clothes get you down. Whether it is that little black dress you have been desperate to wear that has been hidden at the back of your wardrobe just waiting to be shown off or that expensive suit that needs those important final tailoring touches, it’s time to start feeling good in your clothing with the help of Home & Dry’s Tailoring and Alteration service.


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Why High-Quality Linen is Important to your Business

Quality linen is fundamental to many businesses. Whether you are a hotel or B&B providing beautiful bed sheets to give guests a comfortable night’s sleep or restaurant providing luxury napkins to improve atmosphere and reflect your top-quality cuisine; high quality linen is essential when it comes to giving your customers a world class service and experience which will keep them coming back and recommending.

Linens for Restaurants

Fine linen neatly decorating the table seems like a small detail, but it will go a long way with your customers. Quality linen not only looks great, but it also serves a purpose; so, providing freshly cleaned linen is extremely important if you want to avoid any seriously unhappy customers.

Linens for Hotels & B&B’s

It is important to leave a lasting impression on your guests, and a good one at that! One bad experience and you can lose valuable business, and with the internet reviews being used as research tools you could lose potential customers too. Delivering a comfortable night’s stay is key to happy guests and providing high quality bed linen gives them the luxury they want to experience upon checking in. High quality linen can also transform your hotel rooms, giving them the wow factor that is sure to impress your guests as soon as they enter their rooms.

Are you looking for outstanding high-quality linen that can make your business stand out from competitors? If so, Home & Dry have the solution, as we are proud stockists of Mitre Linen! Our linen hire is competitively priced and gives you fresh, wonderfully clean linen daily or weekly, at delivery times to suit you! Contact us today on 01243 543877 and a member of our team will be happy to help you!

What a Difference an Iron makes!

One of the most frequent questions we are asked here at the Home & Dry HQ is “What is the point of ironing clothes?”. We know the wonderful ways an iron can help protect your clothing as well as making them look and feel good.  Don’t believe us? Discover more in this blog post!

Look Smart, Feel Smart!

Whether you are going to a job interview or off on a night out, when you look great you feel great! De-wrinkling your clothes will help to make you look smart and can leave your garments smelling clean and fresh.

Improves Quality

Ironing not only gets rid of unwanted clothing wrinkles but is great for improving clothing quality and ensures a longer life span. Ironing can also maintain the colour and texture of your clothing, keeping you looking good as new!

Eliminates Shrinkage

The one thing we all dread when washing clothes is shrinkage! The one way you can guarantee to keep shrinkage at bay is by ironing.

Kill Germs

It is easy to believe that once your clothes have been freshly washed in the washing machine they become germ free. Unfortunately, the cleaning process kills some of the bacteria that lurk on your clothing but not all. Ironing is the best way to kill the microorganisms that could still be living on your clothing!

We understand that ironing can be the last thing you look forward too during a busy week and not everyone has the time to dedicate to it. At Home and Dry we love the jobs you hate! If you are looking for a high-quality laundry service, then contact us today!

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Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn weather. The leaves are falling, and the air is feeling a little crisper, which means it is time for that Autumn deep clean! Get your home clean and ready with our Autumn cleaning checklist!

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Turn chores into fun – Get the kids cleaning this summer holiday!

We all know the struggle of getting the kids to do their chores around the home. However, at Home & Dry we believe that cleaning can be fun!

Here are our top tips for getting the kids to drop their mobile phones in exchange for a feather duster.

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Being An Eco Friendly Laundry

Reducing our carbon footprint IS our business

As a laundry and cleaning service, we have to constantly come up with creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and find serious Eco alternatives for the usual products and services widely used in the industry.

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Top 5 Home Décor Blogs

Get your paint brushes at the ready, as at Home & Dry we love all things home décor. Minimal Glamour to Shabby Chic, we have you covered with our favourite décor blogs that will inspire you to get decorating.

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Q&A with Julia Willkins – Owner, Manager and Laundry Guru

For this week’s blog, we thought it might be fun to get inside the head of our lovely boss and all round laundry Guru- Julia.

Hi Julia!


How long has Home and Dry been running?

I started Home and Dry in 2002- s0 we are now in our 16th year! It’s been a roller-coaster, but also incredibly rewarding. We’ve had the permanent laundry coming up for 4 years but I can still remember what it was like starting the laundry service from my garage!  Read more

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Tailor Made Especially For You

One of the most popular requests we receive from customers is for “Invisible Mending.” The term “Invisible Mending” (which we can all assume means repairing a rip or a tear so well that you would never notice it had even been repaired) dates back more than 200 years and explains the highly skilled and time-consuming method of repairing damage to cloth by taking single threads from a hem, side seam or other concealed part of the clothes of the same type and re weaving them over the damaged area to make as near perfect repairs as is humanly possible. Read more

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The food in your cupboard that may have hidden cleaning talents!


At Home & Dry we want to make your life simpler and we all know that daily chores are not something we look forward to. So, we have put together some tips and cleaning hacks on how to get the most out of your everyday essentials. After reading an article, it has come to our attention that the foods in our cupboards can come in handy for cleaning too.

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