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One of the most popular requests we receive from customers is for “Invisible Mending.” The term “Invisible Mending” (which we can all assume means repairing a rip or a tear so well that you would never notice it had even been repaired) dates back more than 200 years and explains the highly skilled and time-consuming method of repairing damage to cloth by taking single threads from a hem, side seam or other concealed part of the clothes of the same type and re weaving them over the damaged area to make as near perfect repairs as is humanly possible.

This is Daniela (our seamstress) and we think she is as near perfect as humanly possible!

As it was 200 years ago, Invisible mending is still a time-consuming and highly skilled method of repairing clothes- however, it delivers some wonderful results and our customers are always happy. As our seamstress is in house, we have the benefit of not sending items away so can often complete repairs within a few days for you- even offering same day, emergency repairs too. We can alter suits, wedding/ bridesmaids dresses as well as every day items of clothing. A good bit of tailoring can extend the life of most items.


Why is Home and Dry different to other tailors?

Having an in house laundry also helps create a smooth and polished service for our clients as we can then clean the item (through our organic dry cleaning process, known as “wet cleaning”) and finish it at our own ironing tables. It feels more homely this way and insures clients their clothes are getting the very best care.

How can we get in touch?

If you’d like to know more about our tailoring and repairs service, please do get in touch by calling 01243 543877 or emailing info@homeanddry.biz.

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