The food in your cupboard that may have hidden cleaning talents!

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At Home & Dry we want to make your life simpler and we all know that daily chores are not something we look forward to. So, we have put together some tips and cleaning hacks on how to get the most out of your everyday essentials. After reading an article, it has come to our attention that the foods in our cupboards can come in handy for cleaning too.

Coffee grounds

We tackled tough spots on pots and pans with coffee grounds…

  • The abrasive nature of the coffee grounds will help remove the tough stains from the pots and pans.
  • Mix the coffee with hot soapy water to ensure you get the best results!
  • Once the stains are removed from the pans, the coffee will also help un-block your pipes too and will push the dirt and debris down the sink.

Another benefit of cleaning with coffee grounds, is that they neutralise nasty odours! Coffee is great to treat smelly trainers. Place the (dry!) ground coffee into a clean pair of tights or socks inside the trainers and leave it overnight. In the morning, there should be a vast difference in the smell!

Make use of the end of the loaf!

Why not use the stale bread in your fridge or bread bin to your advantage? You can clean many items without harsh chemicals. For example, cleaning paintings can be a good way to use up any leftover bread. The sponginess of the bread will lift any dirt or residue on the painting without compromising the colours or artwork. So, before you think about throwing away the end of the loaf, put it to good use!


Lemons are a great fruit to utilise in the kitchen and when cleaning. The acidity in the juice works as a natural disinfectant and is great for cleaning microwaves.

All you need to do is cut a lemon into quarters and place it into a microwavable jug and turn the temperature on high and let it steam for at least 10 mins. The results are fantastic and it gets rid of any baked on smells! Lemons and salt are also great to remove tough stains from linen. Allow the mixture to sit for 30 minutes and then rinse with vinegar and warm water to ensure the stain is removed.

Walnuts are a natural polish

The next time you notice a scuff or scratch on hardwood floors or your wood furniture, all you need to do is grab a walnut (without its shell) and rub it onto the damaged area. Its natural oils will darken the wood to hide any imperfections or damage. Strange but very effective!

If you wish to hand the worries of spring cleaning over to someone else, call Home & Dry!  Our skilled and dedicated cleaners will get all those stains and odours out for you and they will tackle those hard to get to places and ensure your home is sparkling clean.

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