How often should I wash my clothes?

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Laundry is part of most people’s weekly routines, even if it is not a job all of us enjoy doing. Staying on top of your laundry and keeping your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean is not only important to keep you feeling good and confident, but it is also important to get rid of the germs that could be living on your favourite garments.

Clothing Hygiene

We have all done it, wearing a pair of jeans one more day than we probably should to avoid adding to the clothing mountain in the wash basket. Re-wearing your clothing isn’t a crime, however, dirty clothing can be a breeding ground for microorganisms, which can affect your everyday life in many ways.

As humans, our bodies are constantly producing oils, secreting sweat and shedding dead skin cells. Not washing your clothing regularly allows these bodily fluids and bacteria to collect on your clothes and rub against your skin, this can lead to your clothes smelling unpleasant, and oils becoming trapped in clothing fabric which can cause acne and skin rashes.

How often should you wash your Clothes?

Most of the time you will be able to tell when your clothes need a visit to the washing machine. Underwear, socks and t-shirts should be washed every day, as these items of clothing sit the closest to sweat glands.

Gym Wear

After a session at the gym or a jog around the block it is easy to work up quite a sweat. We advise you wash your gym gear after each workout and remember to wash your gym bag every 1-2 months too!

Office Attire

Clean clothes are extremely important at the office. Freshly washed clothes not only look neat and professional, but they give you confidence; this is key to working successfully and feeling good when meeting new people and around colleagues. Jackets, dresses and skirts can be worn several times before needing a wash and suits can be worn 4-5 times before needing a trip to the dry cleaners.

Casual Clothing

When you are out at the weekend with friends and family or hitting the town for a night out you want to feel happy, confident and comfortable, so wearing last weekend’s attire just won’t cut it. Unwashed fabrics tend to become stiff which leads to people feeling uncomfortable and ready to go home before the party has even started. Casual loose-fitting jumpers can be worn a couple of times before washing and your favourite pair of jeans can be worn multiple times before they need to be added to the washing pile.

Home & Dry Laundry Service

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