Turn chores into fun – Get the kids cleaning this summer holiday!

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We all know the struggle of getting the kids to do their chores around the home. However, at Home & Dry we believe that cleaning can be fun!

Here are our top tips for getting the kids to drop their mobile phones in exchange for a feather duster.

Competitions are fun!

Turning chores into a friendly competition is not only enjoyable but distracts from the cleaning. This works well if you have more than one child, as they can compete head to head in the ultimate cleaning face- off! It can work well for a single child household too, as each week they can compete to beat their previous cleaning record.

Cleaning becomes a sport

Turn hoovering into a relay event or the washing basket into a basketball hoop. Whatever you do, turning cleaning into a sport is sure to create family fun while making your home spotless.

Sing, dance, clean, repeat

Great music can motivate us all to get up and move. Create a playlist of your child’s favourite tunes just for cleaning time, so they can boogie while they work! You could also have singing competitions; a new song for each room you clean (who can sing the loudest!) or you have a set of songs and see how many you need to sing on the list before finishing that room. It might be an idea to have inspections here too! You could create a point system to make sure the job has been done properly. Toys put away? Tick. Windowsills dusted? Tick. Wall edges and behind the doors been hoovered? Tick…

Easy, breezy cleaning

Kids can have a short attention span, especially when it comes to chores they don’t really want to do. Keep cleaning sessions short and switch up the cleaning schedule regularly, so they have different jobs to keep them interested. A great idea to mix things up if you have more than one child, is to get them to clean a their sibling’s room instead. Cleaning time can be used as a wonderful bonding experience for you and your children, it is a chance to have fun together and teach them important life-skills.

We all love rewards

We all love praise and rewards when we have worked hard and achieved. It is important to praise your child’s hard work and acknowledge the effort they have put in. And of course, kids love treats (don’t we all!), but it doesn’t always have to be the sugary kind. Think outside the box when it comes to rewards. Perhaps you could have a point system, so they can work towards an item or day trip they desire.

We know that keeping up with housework can be tough even with the family pitching in. Home & Dry offers a high-quality cleaning service that you can rely on!

If you are interested in our services or have any questions, contact us today!

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